5 reasons why every tech company should be using Webflow

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Mustafa Alabdullah
March 25, 2023

Looking for a tool to build your company website? At Ebda, we use Webflow. Here's 5 reasons why every tech company should be using it too.

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Have you considered using Webflow for your tech company? 

It’s revolutionizing the way we design and build websites; bridging the gap between basic site builders like Squarespace, and clunky CMS platforms like WordPress. 

Webflow is a powerful yet user friendly application, helping you create everything you need from the ground up. With no restrictive pre-made templates and no coding required. 

It couldn’t be easier.

There’s no other platform we’d choose for tech company websites.

We’re here to tell you why you should too. (And why we know you’re going to love it.)

Not convinced yet? 

Here’s 5 reasons why every tech company should be using Webflow.

It’s easy to use 

Whether this is your first website, or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll love how effortless using Webflow is. It features an intuitive user interface that’s simplified turning your ideas into reality. No more messing around with code. 

Additionally, the Webflow Editor allows members of your team to easily edit design features like images or text, without changing the backend code. And you don’t need technical experience to navigate the Editor, which helps promote greater team collaboration.  

Hosting is included – and it’s fast

Webflow uses a Content Delivery Network – or CDN - to ensure your page loads faster, no matter where your site is being viewed. Their hosting, which comes included, gives you access to the fastest hosting technology you can get for your business. 

But why is fast hosting so important? 

Well, firstly it affects your user experience. We want instant answers, responses and don’t have time to wait for slow websites to load. So, if your website isn’t loading fast enough? Customers will leave your site and you’ll lose business. 

This is enough of a problem in itself, but each time your website loads slowly, and someone leaves, it’s also affecting your Google ranking. That spells bad news for your traffic – and your conversion.

Don’t lose another customer - or a high-ranking spot on Google - to slow load times. 

Sites built with Webflow use the fastest hosting technology yet. And they have faster loading times, thanks to the high-quality, clean HTML and CSS it generates. 

It’s safe and secure

We all know how valuable our businesses are, yet we use platforms that leave them vulnerable to cyber-attacks, often without even considering the risks. 

Take WordPress, for example. It’s rife with security threats, and the use of plugins creates a big vulnerability issue for users. Not to mention they’re time consuming and frustrating to troubleshoot every time they need to be updated. 

Webflow removes the need for plugins and takes your cyber security seriously. And you get SSL certification as standard. This further secures your site and helps you rank favourably in the search results, as Google requires SSL certificates for high-ranking sites. 

Using Webflow, you’ll also enjoy peace of mind with automated backups. Take the stress out of your site maintenance and stop worrying about losing unsaved work. 

Fully scalable and customizable 

Your business is unique, and your website should reflect that. Don’t settle for being a carbon-copy of the competition. 

The fully custom design created using Webflow will set you apart online. Start with a blank canvas and create the site that suits your needs, with total design control over your customer journey.

This also has the power to grow with you as your business does, meaning you won’t be spending money to re-design your site after a surge in sales. You can simply expand and edit as you grow, saving you time and money. 

Most importantly, Webflow offers responsive design across multiple devices. With most web traffic nowadays coming from mobile or tablets, it’s crucial not to neglect this when it comes to your design process. Webflow allows you to change interactions to best suit the device they’re viewed on and offers a fully responsive user experience. 

SEO friendly and compatible with your existing platforms

SEO is the secret to getting discovered online and Webflow makes it simple. It can autogenerate your sitemaps and create 301 redirects if you’ve changed a URL slug or deleted a page.

It also integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms such as Mailchimp, Paypal or Shopify, and can be linked to social media accounts too. Easy. 

Ready to see what Webflow can do for your business?

We know you’ll never go back to WordPress. It’s time to try the platform that’s revolutionizing web building for yourself. 

And if you want to make the switch even simpler? 

We can build your Webflow site for you.

That’s right – skip the learning curve and jump straight into the front end, once we’ve built the site of your dreams. 

Fuss-free. No coding. Just seamless design and strategy that sells. 

Isn’t your business worth it?

Book a call with us today. Let’s get Webflow working for you.

About the author

Mustafa is a creative director with a background in UI, UX, product, and Webflow design. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, tech startups, and more. Mustafa values the potential of good design to revolutionize the world.

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