Copywriting for success: why your website needs to sound as good as it looks

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Murtadha Alabdullah
March 25, 2023

Copywriting is the key to clarity, connection and conversion. So why do many businesses focus so much on design, and so little on their copy? Here’s the lowdown on why it matters. Make it good.

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It’s the age-old debate, leaving business owners confused about where they should invest: copywriting or design?

Of course, we don’t believe in one without the other. They’re both crucial to business success. But design exists to support and deliver content. Not the other way around. 

So, our best advice? Don’t splash the cash for style without substance. Your business needs to sound as good as it looks.

Business owners, take note. We’re unpacking the ways copywriting adds value to your brand - and why you shouldn’t be designing without it. 

Copywriting creates clarity and understanding

It doesn’t matter how visually striking your website is, if your audience doesn’t know how to interact with it. 

Confusion is the conversion killer. 

This is why both copy and design should be created with the user experience in mind. 

Will they understand this call to action? Can we simplify this paragraph into one sentence instead of three? Are we using too much technical jargon?

Good copywriting speaks the same language as your customers, creating a clear path for them to take to your desired action. 

If your copywriting and design is logical and concise – your user experience will be too. 

It adds personality to your brand

There’s no better place to showcase who you are than your copy. Whether that’s via your email campaigns, blog posts or even something as simple as the CTA on a button. 

Your business talks to customers at every step of their journey. All written content offers an opportunity to add personality and create a hook for your audience. So, use this to your advantage. 

Brands with a unique tone of voice are magnetic to customers. We trust them. We follow them on social media. We buy what they sell

Why? Because they sound like real people. 

Emotion drives us to buy

It’s proven that we tend to buy with emotion over logic. 

Effective copy plays into that; building trust with the audience and giving a human perspective to an otherwise faceless business. 

Sounds insignificant, right? 

But it can be the difference between a customer just browsing or buying with confidence.  

Picture this: a choice between two rival brands, with similar price points, products and services. 

One speaks in a matter-of-fact way; their website is overflowing with industry jargon and their social media presence is virtually non-existent. The other speaks in a conversational tone, lays out easy to digest information, and uses on-brand social media posts to connect with followers.

We know who we’d choose to buy from.

SEO content boosts online visibility 

The benefits of copywriting extend further than your tone of voice and communicating with your audience. 

A skilled copywriter understands how to create value-driven content for users, all while capitalising on the benefits of SEO. But you don’t need to be an SEO expert to create effective copy. 

Understanding the basics of keyword research and optimisation, domain authority and red flags for search engines can be enough to get you ranking higher on Google and driving high-quality traffic to your website. 

And high-quality traffic = more chance for conversion. 

But remember, stuffing keywords into low-quality content is not an SEO strategy. 

SEO – like your brand tone of voice – should be strategically weaved throughout your copy in a way that adds value, for the best results.  

It helps you connect with and educate your audience

There’s nobody out there who knows more about your business than you do. Position yourself as an authority figure in your industry, because you are one.

Your copy is a chance to educate and connect with customers. Showcase your products and services. Show them you understand their problems and pain points. 

And most importantly? You’ve got the solution to solve them. 

Copy creates the framework for successful design 

Effective copywriting is the driving force behind design decisions at Ebda, for our business and for yours. 

Pairing strategic copy with award-winning design? That’s what gets results. 

Because we don’t wing it. And neither should you.

It’s time to put an end to the debate, once and for all. Invest in a team that can offer the best of both worlds for your business. 

That’s us.

We deliver the full package. No shortcuts, templates or imitations. For when you’re ready to look and sound like the premium business you are. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Book a discovery call now. 

About the author

Murtadha has extensive management experience with large international corporations with a primary specialization in people management. He spent years communicating with different types of customers and strengthened his excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Murtadha puts genuinity on top of his traits.

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