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Helping SaaS companies drive 7 figure conversions in 12 months from CRO secrets used by top Silicon Valley Startups. Based on tested methodologies from working with Fortune 500 names.

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If you’re heavily reliant on online presence to attract, engage, and convert visitors, then here are three controversial ideas that’ll put you ahead of 90% of SaaS competitors:

Controversial idea 1

Marketing strategies improve the speed of linear MRR growth; however, exponential MRR growth depends on how well you use web to analyze, iterate, and compound traffic conversions. 

Controversial idea 2

Wordpress is great, but no longer the best option.

Controversial idea 3

The perfectly engineered web design & CMS can be so invisible and yet revolutionary for your company.

If you want to level up the way you drive online sales, here are the secret ingredients:

Conversion-rate optimization strategies used by the top 1%

Evidenced based SEO strategies

Optimizing and automating the way you bring designers, developers, and editors together in a cohesive environment.

Self-evolving web design that stays ahead of changing and consumer tech trends, and prevents your online presence from being obsolete a year from now.

Applied psychology to get your visitors to take a desired action.

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What to expect from Ebda

A website that grows with you

We create secure, scalable Webflow websites that can evolve with your business’s changing needs. 

Conversion rate optimization

High impact ideas for conversion, messaging, flow, and blog templates.

Fast delivery and round-the-clock support

Our standard turnaround time is one to four days, and you can track your projects in real-time on Slack, Notion, or your online workspace of choice. Got a question or request? Just ping us and we’ll be right with you, no matter what time it is.  

Time-saving tools and automation

No-Code tools like Zapier and Airtable make website management a breeze, saving you hours of tedious manual work. 

Selected work

Akt oil Services

The leading Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) service provider in the Iraqi Oil and Gas industry.

Apex Transformation

Apex Transformations is an award-winning renovation and construction company committed to making homes and workplaces better.


Maircare provides professional, premium and discreet hair removal services from highly experienced, trained, and certified male medical aestheticians.

Livy Services

Premium moving & duct cleaning services in Southern Ontario.

GTA Builders

GTA Builders are experienced residential and commercial contractors serving the Greater Toronto Area.


Rendezvous Holdings are Toronto-based barbershops specializing in the latest modern short hairstyles.

What we offer

Web design + CRO

Grow your business with a beautifully designed, optimized website that converts. We look at your data and branding and create a fully customized website designed to achieve your business goals. 

Key services

Research and sitemap
Content strategy
Branding Guideliness
Logo Design
Custom Web design

Webflow development

We help you make the most of Webflow, crafting custom interactions and content-driven layouts that function seamlessly and are super simple for you (or your team) to manage. 

Key services

Webflow Development
Interactions / Animations
No-code integrations
Advanced CMS
Custom code implementation


The best web design in the world isn’t worth much without a solid SEO strategy. We harness the same winning tactics that Fortune 500 companies use to put your business on the map (the map being the very top of the search engine results pages). 

Key services

Competitive analysis
Keyword research
Site Health Audits
Link building prospecting & outreach
Local SEO
Content strategy

Why Ebda

As a certified Webflow team, our websites are custom-built to be CONVERSIONS-OPTIMIZED machines for your business. In addition, we have gathered years of data to determine the best ways to get you more sales.

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Built to Get You Leads

Our websites are made to convert people visiting your website into paying customers for your business. Make your website a valuable business asset.

Mobile First Design

Most website traffic comes from mobile; we have won mobile excellence awards for creating high-performing mobile experiences. Check out the report of one our work.

No-code Automation 

We use no-code tools like Zapier and Airtable to power up your site with hundreds of integrations, saving you hours of manual work.

Future-proof SEO strategy

Ranking high on search engines means more people will be visiting your website and not your competitor's websites.


No security updates or plugin maintenance means a much lower risk of your site being taken down.

Fast Web Hosting

Website load time is crucial when it comes to generating leads. We use Amazon Web Servers to host your website and they're the fastest on the planet!

Collaborate on Slack and Notion 

We use modern workflow management tools that allow our clients to keep track of project progress in real-time.

My company has been growing by leaps and bounds and in a very short time I had outgrown many aspects of my business, including my brand, website and e-commerce that I had developed myself using one of those templated do-it-yourself websites. Although my IT background was helpful, I reached the limits of my web development abilities and knew I had to call in a professional.I came across Mustafa's work when I noticed my former business partner's website had been updated and my jaw dropped! The branding, design, innovation, animation, ease of use was incredible and spent far too much longer than I needed to when making an appointment through his website. This reinforced my dilemma and made me realize that I was definitely out of my league and couldn't do it alone but perhaps Mustafa was the person that I needed. After speaking with him, I came to understand the degree of projects he had worked and lead with well known companies, not only in Canada but world-wide.Mustafa was extremely patient and helped simplify this daunting process, took ownership of building the site based on our few discussions and with surprisingly only very minor tweaks after presenting to me, Mustafa helped me to not only build a brand new site but facilitated a totally new brand, new mission statement and clarified my vision that I actually didn't realize needed work. After only one short month, I was able to move from my template-made website to a totally new brand and site that is the essence of my business and aligns perfectly with the direction in which I'm headed. Mustafa's expertise surpassed my expectations and always over delivered and under promised, making his consultancy invaluable.If you are looking for a team that not only helps to materialize your vision, business and brand but can execute with speed, innovation and minimal interruption to your business, then you have found your team. Mustafa marries technology and design that only few people currently use globally which produces unique, eye-catching, traffic drawing products that has kept me, my clients and audience captivated even with the very fist click. I am indebted to Mustafa and his team and look forward to growing my business further, confident in knowing that I have the subject matter experts on my side to develop my unique brand, media and tools alongside it. My company isn't a template and I now realize that nor should my brand nor website.Thanks you Mustafa and the Ebda team!

Stephen Celestial
Owner of Maircare clinic

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honors of web design award
Mobile excellence award
honors of web design award
Mobile excellence award
honors of web design award
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Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time full-stack designer?

Good question! For starters, the annual cost of a full-time senior-level designer now exceeds $100,000, plus benefits (and good luck finding one available). Aside from that, you may not always have enough work to keep them busy at all times, so you're stuck paying for time you aren't able to utilize.

Do you really offer unlimited revisions?

Yes! We’re committed to getting your website right, down to every last detail — even if it takes a few extra rounds of nips, tucks, and tweaks. You can submit as many requests for designs, revisions, and development as you like. We’ll tackle each item one by one until you’re 100% satisfied with the outcome.

How many pages can I have on my website?

Your Webflow website can support up to 10,000 page variations. That could be 10,000 news stories, 10,000 case studies, or 10,000 campaign landing pages — or a balanced mix of all three. Larger plans are available for major enterprise sites.

What if I’m not happy with the website you build?

Not a problem. We offer unlimited revisions, so we'll go back to the drawing board and continue to revise the design until you're 100% satisfied.

Are these just Webflow template sites that you fill with my content?

Absolutely not. The websites we built on the Webflow platform are entirely customized and unique to your brand. No templates, no recycled concepts, and no copycat approaches. 
If you’d prefer to go with a pre-built, ready-made template, we recommend checking out Webflow’s template collection.  

How secure will my website be?

Since your website will be hosted on the trusted Webflow platform, it will be extremely secure. For more information, here is Webflow’s statement on security: 
“If you host your website with Webflow you get the protection of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Shield. This strong layer of protection circumvents and prevents any DDoS attacks that may come its way. Whether hackers are unleashing a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) reflection attack, SYN flood, DNS query flood, or HTTP flood/cache-busting attacks, AWS has measures in place to thwart these security threats.”

Do you migrate websites from WordPress and Squarespace to Webflow?

Yes! We've helped dozens of organizations upgrade from WordPress, an archaic content management system (CMS) rife with security risks, high website maintenance costs, and endless plugin headaches.

What is CRO and why is it important? 

CRO is the acronym for conversion rate optimization, and it’s super important for your website’s performance. A good-looking website is one thing, but a website that is designed to convert visitors into customers is the key to growing your business. 
Our approach to CRO is built on tried-and-true A/B testing strategies and data analysis. We continually improve the user experience of your website by experimenting with three main areas — messaging, design, and structure — to identify what elements reliably produce conversions and which ones don’t. 

Do you provide Webflow designer training for marketing teams?

Yes, we do! We offer custom training sessions that cover everything your team needs to know to make the most of Webflow. Get in touch to book a free discovery call.  

Where are you located?

We're headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, but our team is globally distributed and remote-first. We're flexible to your time zone, and most of our clients and partners are in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.